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Sarah in the Daily Echo before joining Flautisismo, 2nd November 2000 Thornden School with Ian Clarke, May 2002 Article from 17th July 2003 Palmerston Park Bandstand in Southampton, July 2003 Poster for 21st Reunion Concert, 19th March 2005

Flautissimo - Live May 2004

Our new CD Flautissimo - Live May 2004 is now available, and makes a fine showcase for some of our favourite pieces. We're sure that listeners will appreciate the width and depth of the Flautissimo repertoire. Track listing:

Flutes with a Twist...

(and even a double bass - thank you John!). Our main end-of-year concert was back on home turf this year, at Isaac Watts Church. Attendance was up as well (and CDs sold like hot cakes). As ever, there was a very good mix of ensemble and solo performances. The opening item, with an almost-seasonal theme- well, it was still November - was a selection from Handel's The Royal Fireworks Suite. Rather more Hallowe'en was an arrangement of Saint-Saens' Danse Macabre, while heading up the second half was Cossack Ride arranged by Flautissimo's founder director Robin Soldan. The 'twist' included a flute/accordian duet, Anitra's Dance, from Jill and Kathleen Cole, and a performance by Janet Hunt of one of her own piano compositions. The evening finished with an encore of The Pink Panther.

Christmas 2004: Flutes taste better at ...

... Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer's in Hedge end, where we played for 2 hours on a very wet Friday night just before Christmas - fortunately well under cover in the foyer! This is a popular venue for music groups and choirs at this time of year. While there were a few seasonal tunes, the repertoire was well laced with year-round Flautissimo favourites such as Pink Panther. A straw exit poll of Sainsbury's employees voted us as the best group of the season! We also had an excellent commendation from Leo Sharpe of Notability, who was doing his shopping at the time. More importantly, we raised £152 for cycstic fibrosis research, which is a cause close to several of the orchestra. Well done all.

21st Birthday Reunion

Plans are now well underway for ourcelebration day on 19 March 2005, as close as possible to the date of the inaugural concert in 1984. This will be at the excellent new hall at Cantell School, and will include a birthday tea with sandwiches, savouries, hot and cold drinks and a huge cake, a jam session (no pun intended), a short formal rehearsal and an early evening concert including several ensemble pieces with past and present players.

All Flutes Plus will be hosting a stand during the afternoon with the opportunity to try and buy instruments and accessories. There will be a present of a limited-edition AFP/Flautissimo mug for everyone involved in the afternoon.

We are particularly pleased that both our founder, Robin Soldan, and a more recent musical director, Jill Matthews, will each be present in person to meet up with old friends and to conduct a piece from past repertoire. Unfortunately Rene Mairis is unable to be with us, but sends her best wishes, again with a choice of music. We have also just been in contact with another former musical director, and hope to bring more news very soon.

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