About Us

Flautissimo and Piccolissimo have thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic by rehearsing via Zoom and recording performances using BandLab. We have now resumed rehearsals, but with a blended approach which enables some members to attend in person and others to join in via Zoom.

We welcome flautists of all abilities: Flautissimo is for players of Grade 5 standard or higher, and Piccolissimo is ideal for those below Grade 5 standard and rusty returning players to gain skills and confidence before joining Flautissimo. Members have the opportunity to play a wide range of flutes, including the alto, bass and contrabass flutes that are owned by the orchestra.

Under the Music Directorship of Joanna Price, Flautissimo and Piccolissimo rehearse and regularly perform a wide and challenging repertoire written or arranged specifically for flute ensemble, including some created for us by members.

We regularly take part in Southampton’s Music in the City performing in the Art Gallery and can be seen carolling at Winchester Christmas market as well as a summer filled programme on Romsey Bandstand. Alongside these performances we play at a variety of locations sometimes on our own but often with other music groups. Every few years we like to go on tour and most recently went to The Isle of Wight where we performed at Osborne House and Carisbrooke Castle. We also have taken part in the Adopt a Composer scheme run by Making Music.

We rehearse and perform much music from our extensive library of challenging repertoire written specifically for flute choir, many of which have been written specially for Flautissimo, together with excellent arrangements of other works for flute choir by our own members, as well as selections from those which are commercially available. Our repertoire includes classical, jazz and extended techniques.

Flautissimo is run by its Trustees who are appointed from Flautissimo's members. Flautissimo seeks to advance, improve, develop and maintain public education in, and appreciation of, flute playing in Southampton and Hampshire. We provide opportunities for flute players to develop their ensemble skills and take part in concerts. We welcome donations, charitable gifts, and offers of sponsorship in support of our aims. Flautissimo is a partner of both the Southampton and Hampshire Music Hubs.

Flautissimo and Piccolissimo on Romsey BandstandFlautissimo and Piccolissimo on Romsey Bandstand