The Flautissimo Archives

Welcome to the Flautissimo Archives! A collection of 'everything Flautissimo'. If you have anything we could add to the archives (on paper or in electronic format) please contact the webmaster.

Flautissimo was founded in 1984 by Robin Soldan to encourage proficient flautists in and around Southampton to gain experience in ensemble playing. The "flute orchestra" was the first of its kind to be run in Hampshire, with the inaugural concert on the 28 March that year. The original seven students from Regent's Park School and six from St Anne's School were soon joined by many others. Today the flute choir numbers around forty members and includes school pupils, university students, local teachers and amateur adults all of whom enjoy performing great music to a high standard.

Take a look at the biographies of our past Musical Directors. We have some video recordings of the group both recently, but also from the 1980s! Take a look at You Tube for our more recent recordings.

And of course the main feature: collections of photos, concert programs, etc from each Musical Director's era. Any extra information is gratefully received.

You may also be interested in some photos from our 25th Anniversary Celebration, trip to Flutewise Live or even our first ever tour - to Scotland.

Flautissimo at the Winchester Great Hall, date unknownFlautissimo at the Winchester Great Hall, date unknown