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An early publicity shot for Flautissimo taken outside of St Barnabas' church hall, Lodge Road. (photograph kindly provided by Sarah Prescott) Erithacus at Chichester: the final gathering of the group in about 97/98 included Mini-Flautissimo people, but with extra pupils of Robin's from elsewhere. They are from left to right as seen by us: Carrie Cook, Katie Bedford, Becky Salmon, Melissa Hotchin, Robin Soldan, Lucy Noble, Rachel Farrier, Rachael Osborne-Smith, Jo Kidman, Catherine Goodman. At the Winchester Great Hall, date unknown Programme for Flautissimo's first concert, 16th March 1984 Programme for Flautissimo's first concert, 16th March 1984 Echo article on Flautissimo's first concert, 24th March 1984 The Schools Music Association - Youth Makes Music at The South Bank Centre, Thursday 17th April 1986, 7.30pm Poster for 17th December 1986 concert National Festival of Music for Youth adjudicator comments, 22nd March 1988 From concert programme, Romsey Abbey, 12th November 1988 Poster for 13th December 1988 concert

A lengthy article about Flautissimo was published in Pan (the British Flute Society magazine) in June 1987 written by Robin Soldan.

Flautissimo perform Shades of Sennett from the Pink Panther conducted by Robin Soldan:

Flautissimo perform Blue Train conducted by Robin Soldan:

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